Our values

The Marist Brothers intend that their work and that of their colleagues whatever their affiliation, will consistently evidence

  • a commitment to PRESENCE –  knowing people, being among them and spending time with them, being a good example for them, affecting others by who we are;
  • a commitment to SIMPLICITY – in relationships, settings and initiatives to be always honest, straightforward and unpretentious;
  • a commitment to FAMILY SPIRIT – so that interactions, relationships and priorities for action have more in common with the way loving families behave than with the ways of enterprise;
  • a commitment to the LOVE OF OUR WORK – enthusiasm, generosity, doing good quietly, keen to be effective, high expectations, open to new learning, all features of the way Marists approach our work;
  • a commitment to doing things IN THE WAY OF Mary, the Mother of Jesus:  doing things the way we imagine Mary did them, with motherly care, with patience, with endurance, with attentiveness. Bringing good news.