Sustainable Farm



Yodifarm is a division of Yodifee, established to contribute to providing livelihood opportunities for young people with disabilities, enabling them to achieve independence through self-sufficiency. These farms are located in the Battambang and Kampot districts. At Yodifarm, youth with disabilities learn the skills necessary to become farmers, with many of them encouraged to establish their own farms in other areas after their training, and become self-sufficient.



Kampot Yodifarm

Kampot Yodifarm was established in 2007.  Significant outputs have included the construction of staff housing, a pigpen, chicken pens, a fish tank and a vegetable garden.

The project is currently looked after by three of our staff members, who have been ensuring that progress is being made and the necessary work is being done.

Day Care & Medical Centre

We operate a day-care/medical centre for disadvantaged people operating from our Kampot Yodifarm.

A daycare classroom was set up for mentally handicapped children, in collaboration with Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF), while a clinic room was set up to provide counseling and treatment for the children and the poor in the vicinity.