Who we work with

MSC seeks opportunity to collaborate with all stakeholders to adapt and replicate the project activities throughout Cambodia. All project activities are to provide and/or facilitate formal and informal education programme, in conjunction with and approval of MoEYS that will lead all children and youth with disabilities to self-sustaining employment.

MSC strives to be part of the Cambodian network. Thus, there is an on-going collaboration with local organisations, for example, with the Disability Action Council (DAC), which is the official body for coordinations among all disability stakeholders.

Other advocacy organisations include: the Cambodian Disabled Person’s Organisation (CDPO), the National Centre of Disabled Persons (NCDP), Action on Disability and Development (ADD) and the Association of the Blind in Cambodia (ABC). These are the main organisations of and for people with disabilities. They are all based in Phnom Penh, with some branches at district level. In addition, some INGOs also play an important role in the disability sector, such as World Vision, Handicap International or Veterans International.

MSC collaborates with other NGOs that are service providers. Komar Pika Foundation provides a day care and educational centre at our farm in Kampot. For vocational training, MSC enlists other service providers, such as the Jesuit Training Center of the Jesuit Service of Cambodia at Banteay Priep, for example.